Aamir Khan and Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Flood

Aamir Khan and actor Vishnu Vishal were among the many people who were rescued from the Chennai floods on December 5, 2023. The floods were caused by Cyclone Michaung, which hit the city with torrential rain and strong winds.

Khan was stuck in his hotel in Karapakkam, a suburb of Chennai, for 24 hours without water or power. He was rescued by the fire and rescue department along with Vishnu Vishal.

Aamir Khan and Vishnu Vishal rescued from Chennai Flood

Khan tweeted about his experience, saying: "Thank you to @ChennaiFireDept for rescuing me and many others from the Chennai floods. Your courage and dedication are truly inspiring."

Vishnu Vishal also tweeted about his experience, saying: "I am grateful to the Chennai Fire Department for rescuing me from the floods. They are true heroes."

The Chennai floods affected millions of people in the city and caused widespread damage. The government has declared a state of emergency in Chennai and is working to provide relief to the affected people.

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