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Get BB KI Vines dialogues, funny Lines by  Bhuvan Bam  - Find the latest BB Ki Vines - Dating Hutiyapa dialogues, famous lines, double meaning dialogues. Here you can find the best funny lines of  Bhuvan Bam from his latest updates video Dating Hutiyapa. Everyone knows he is the best Youtuber in India, His channel 'BB Ki Vines recently crossed the 10 Million subscribers and becomes The First YouTuber to reach 10 Million subscribers. His videos are really very funny, full of amazing punch lines. All the dialogues, lines are written by himself  Bhuvan Bam. Here you can get popular punch lines, from the latest video Dating Hutiyapa.

 Bhuvan Bam Funny Dialogues, Dating Hutiyapa funny lines,Dating Hutiyapa Funny Dialogues

BB Ki Vines- Dating Hutiyapa Funny and Double Meaning Dialogues

"Tumhari muskurahat ke aage saara dukh..ghutne tek dete hai"

"Ye tumhari hirani jaisi..Ankhein...aur pankhudi jaise hoth...Ye jaise mano chikh..chikh ke keh rahe tumhara aashik aur tum meri Maachu**..ho..Maasukaa"

"Horror movie Saath wala ka haath pakne ka aadat hai..aur romantic movie mein?"

"Uncle..agar khujane se paise aate toh..Tatte Sone (Gold) ke hote" 

"Kal kya mara tha...Mu**"

"Main toh sabse pahle utkar..apnaa..nun** set karta hu"

"Agar kisamt apni hatohn mein hoti toh log uspe apni bu** nahi dhote"

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