Beiimaan Love Official Trailer Out | Sunny Leone | Rajneesh Duggal

Beiimaan Love Official Trailer Out | Sunny Leone | Rajneesh Duggal

Beiiman Love Movie Trailer

Rajneesh Duggal & Sunny Leone Upcoming Bollywood Hindi Film Beiiman Love Trailer is released. This movie is written, directed & produced by Rajeev Chaudhari. Beiimaan Love is a dark love story exposing the 'beiimaani' (betrayal) of love in current times. The story revolves around today's strong independent woman and deals with human relationships and values of life. Sunny Leone plays the role of a young, ambitious, hardworking girl whose world suddenly comes crashing down due to deceit and harsh realities of life. She reinvents herself and returns with vengeance as a business tycoon in a new avatar. 

Movie Credits:

Starring: Sunny Leone, Rajniesh Duggall, Daniel Weber, Rajiv Verma
Introducing: Yuvraj Singh, Ziesha Nancy
Written, Directed and Produced by: Rajeev Chaudhari
Co-Produced by: Roshni Chaudhari
Associate Producer: Vijay Valbhani
Executive Producer: Arjun Kudva
Music and Songs by: Ankit Tiwari, Kanika Kapoor, Raghav Sachar, Amjad Nadeem, Sanjeev Darshan, Assad, Asees
Edited by: Samar Singh

Sunny Leone Upcoming Movie - Beiimaan Love Official Trailer Release


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