Amazon International Yoga Day Quiz Answers | What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word “Yoga

Get all the correct answers to Amazon's latest quicz International Yoga Day, which is marked each year on June 21st. In This quiz, 5 questions about yoga. If you will give the correct answer, you will get a chance to win 25000. So here just find the answer to these questions.

Amazon International Yoga Day Quiz questions and answers

Question 1: What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word “Yoga?

Answer: Union

Question 2: Which Veda mentions the elements of yoga?

Answer: Rig Veda

Question 3: India celebrated its first international yoga day on ________?

Answer: 21-Jun-2015

Question 4: How many steps are there in one Surya Namaster round?

Answer: 12

Question 5: What is the name of this Asana?

Answer: Vrikshasana

Amazon International Yoga Day Quiz answers List

Answer 1: Union

Answer 2: Rig Veda

Answer 3: 21-Jun-2015

Answer 4: 12

Answer 5: Vrikshasana

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