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Get the latest updates and news about Kichcha Sudeep's upcoming movie Vikrant Rona, It is an upcoming Kannada-language Action Thriller film which is directed by Anup Bhandari. Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, and debutante Neetha Ashok are in the lead roles. It is the world's first movie to launch its title & logo at Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Currently, It is one of the most expensive Kannada films with a budget of ₹95 crores. 

Check Here, Teaser and title logo of Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona unveiled at Burj Khalifa

On 1 January, the "Vikranth Rona" movie's logo was released on the world's tallest building Burj khalifa. 

Vikrant Rona Release Date, Vikrant Rona Star Cast Details, Vikrant Rona at Burj khalifa

Vikrant Rona Star Cast:

Kichcha Sudeep as Vikranth Rona Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev Gambhir aka Sanju. Neetha Ashok as Aparna Ballal aka Panna The first look poster of this film has already released on 10 August 2020. The makers of "Vikranth Rona" has announced that the movie will be released in several languages and across several countries.

Watch Here! Vikrant Rona on Burj Khalifa

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