Gucci Song Whatsapp Status Updates | Aroob Khan, Kaptaan

Gucci song best lines, Lyrics for status, This is the latest Punjabi song which is sung by Aroob Khan featuring Riyaz Aly with music given by Kaptaan. Gucci song lyrics are written by MixSingh while the video is directed by Agam Mann and Azeem Mann. 

Gucci Song Lyrics for Whatsapp Status Updates

Gucci Song Best Lines for Status

"Main te tu ve hor koyi na

Mera dil te ve zor koyi na

Main teri queen aan ve

Dil di clean aan ve

Karda smile tera munh chahidae"

"Ve mainu juttiyan di load ni

Tu chahidae

Ve mainu Gucci an di load ni

Tu chahidae"

"Naina naal gall kar

Naina naal fight ve

Tere naal main shine karaan

Je moon naal light ve"

"Mere ton ni nakhre hone

Tere karke rang ne sohne

Suit koyi red na blue chahide"

"Na surma na surmedani

Main Kaptaan ve teri deewani

Tu mere hona rubaru chahidae"

Watch Here! GUCCI Full Video- Aroob Khan ft. Riyaz Aly

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