Atkan Chatkan Movie Best Dialogues

Atkan Chatkan Movie Best Dialogues

Get the some best motivational dialogues from Atkan Chatkan film, This is a musical motivational film directed by Shiv Hare and written by Aadesh Raathi. Lydian Nadhaswaram, Sachin Chaudhary is playing the lead role. It is an inspiring story of Guddu, a child labourer with a burning passion for music, who forms a band with his friends. It is a motivational film and some amazing dialogues are delivered in this film.

Atkan Chatkan dialogues

Atkan Chatkan Best Dialogues, Line

"Mujhe toh musician ki spelling bhi nahi aati...Kya Baloon ko balloon ki spelling aati hai..nahi na...Phir bhi isse udna aata hai"

"Sapne Aukaat nahi dekhte"

"Jo sapne dekhte hain..vo darte nahi"ka

"Sapne kad nahi dekhte"

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