Ghar Nahi Jaa Paye Na Iss Baar Bhi Poem by Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, and presenter. He has written so many poems and Shayari. Beside standup comedian, Zakir is also a brilliant shayar. His poem and Shayari are very heart touching. He is very famous among Indian Youth. Here we share one of the best lines of Zakir Khan. 

Ghar Nahi Jaa Paye Na Iss Baar Bhi Lines By Zakir Khan, Zakir Khan Poem & Shayari
Ghar Nahi Jaa Paye Na Iss Baar Bhi 

A Very Heart Touching Lines 'Ghar Nahi Jaa Paye Na Iss Baar Bhi
' By Zakir Khan

Bus ka Intezaar karte hue,

Metro mein khade-khade

Rikshaw me baithe hua

Gehre shunya me kya dekhte rehte ho?

Gum sa chehra liye kya sochte ho?

Kya khoya aur kya paya ka hisaab nahi laga paaye na iss baar bhi?

Ghar Nahi jaa paye na iss baar bhi?

 – Zakir Khan

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