Amazing And Lovely - Rangoli Pattern And Design Images For Diwali 2014

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Rangoli Design And Pattern

Rangoli is a creative art done on the floors of the house or the entrance to welcome the Hindu dgodess Lakshmi to our homes.Rangoli is a traditional art of India. Rangoli is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.In India rangoli are called different name in different region. Bengalis call it Alpana and South Indians call it Kolam.Amongst the various Rangoli patterns and designs, the most popular being Rangoli with flowers, petals, lotus blossom or having other simple geometric shapes. The size and shape of rangoli designs depends totally on the person making the design. Rangoli designs can be made by sand, gulal, flowers, lime, spices etc. Where sand or gulal is used for making rangoli designs. 
You cannot imagine an Indian festival without a rangoli, it actually sets the mood for celebration and brightens up your home. Here is an amazing lovely and attractive  pattern of rangoli.

Pattern And Design Of Rangoli For Specialy Diwali 2014

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