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 Quotes By Narendra Modi

                " Dream Are Not Seen  When You Sleep 
                    Dream Are Those That Don't Let You Sleep "


  " I Wiil Make Such A Wonderfull India
     All American Stand In Queue For Geting
            Visa For India "

"Don't Dream To Be Something 
   But Rather Dream To Do Something "

" My Experience In Gujrat Shows
That Howsever Big A problem Might Be ,
It Is Not Insurmountable If
We Have The Will To Act . "

It Is Important How We View The Youth

Of Our Nation ,
To Consider Them Simply New Age Voters
Is A Big Mistake,
They Are The NEW AGE POWER "

BY : Narendra Modi (.........)


  1. Well done India and well done to Mr Narendra Modi I see unbounded sucess,prosperity and potential for mother INDIA with you in charge Lots of love all the way from South Africa!

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