Days of Tafree Movie Funny Dialogues

Days Of Tafree Movie

Hello Friends, I am sharing some funny and comedy dialogues of Bollywood upcoming film Days of Tafree. This is a comedy bollywood movie which is directed by Krishnadev Yagnik and produced by Anand Pandit, Rashmi Sharma. The movie is going to release on date 23 September 2016. The move is based on college life masti. The film revolves around the lives of seven friends showcasing their journey of growing up, highs and lows of their relationship, love and compassion. The movie has many good comedy scenes and also has some funny dialogues. The trailer of the movie has already released. This is very beautiful movie after watching the trailer you will remember his college life fun and fun with close friends.

Directed: Krishnadev Yagnik
Produced : Anand Pandit, Rashmi Sharma
Written : Krishnadev Yagnik
Starring : Yash Soni, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Nimisha Mehta, Kinjal Rajpriya, Sarabjeet Bindra, Anuradha Mukharjee
Music : Bobby-Imran, Komail-Shivaan
Release dates : 23 September 2016

Days Of Tafree Funny Movie Dialogues Latest

"Musaafir hain hum kitne vakt beete hain....Abe bhand mein jaye duniya...Hum tafreeiyon mein jeete hain"

"Ye kya hai ? Group day, Signature dau, guns and roses to pahli bar suna hai"

"Sir usmein kya hota hai ki sir achcha lagta hai sir...Maza aata hai shanti milti hai"

"Tulsi Das ji ne kaha hai ki Mat Pita se uncha..Guru ka asathan hota hai Sir"

"Oh god ye kya kar rhe ho ?"

"I love you...shakal dekhi hai apni aaine mein...tu mujhe rose de rha hai...Chak bhag yahn se"

"Abe tune teri shakal dekhi hai...Chudail kahin ki..teri munh(mouth) pe main padun bhi na"

"Mera breakup ho gya hai..Bhai bhai tera breakup ho gya toh..meri setting kra de na"

"Abe Ma matam kyuo mana rhi hai....Ek cofee ke leke"

"Tune cofee kyuo mangvayi ? "

"Itni zor se chuo bola ki..Background music bhi band ho gya hai"

"Oh sorry..Background music chalu rakhna"

"Puja dikha na...Bad mein dikhaungee pahle jitna aata hai utna likh..Abe jitna aata tha utna likh diya..Kya ? Itni jaldi....Nam,roll no, date sab likh diya"


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